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​​​​​​​​Dr. Peter Bauer 
Honorary President in Sino-German Industry Communication Club (SGICC)

Former Senior Vice President Global Projects in Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH (BSH)

- Background in consumer industry, electric component industry, automotive supply and food companies.

- Executive accountability for P&L of a €2bn division, strategic planning and staffing.

- Turnaround management of bad performing units in a demanding international environment.

- Systematic approach to product management, product design and brand differentiation.

- Implementation of modern management systems concerning personal motivation, customer relation, process management, production  systems, cost cutting practices, quality systems and innovation.

- Management and teambuilding in an international organisation with 7000 employees on three different continents.

​​​​​​​​Dr. Xiaotian Zhou
Honorary President in Sino-German Industry Communication Club (SGICC)

Former President of Hisense Kelon Group, Executive Vice President of Hisense Group, Board Member of Hisense Group

Former Senior Vice President and Chief Operation Officer of BSH Region Greater China

Former Executive President of Bright Dream Group Bright Dream Robotics Group (under Country Garden Group), China

Former Vice Chairman of China Household Electrical Appliances Association

Former International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), Secretary General of Refrigerator and Compressor Subcommittee (SC61C)

- Awarded by China Home Appliances Industry Association as the Outstanding Contributors to the industrial development of China in the 

last 30 years

- Authorized in global R&D of refrigeration technology with more than 30 patents

- Publication of more than 15 papers in energy engineering in both domestic and international magazines

- The inventor of zero-degree preservation technology, which has promoted the innovation of China's refrigerator preservation technology

- Over 20 years of experience at BSH Home Appliances Group, including global R&D, plant management and control, internationalization, processes, systems, architecture, logistics & supply chain, marketing, patent intellectual property

​​​​​​​​Dr. Yimin Gong​​​

Executive President in Sino-German Industry Communication Club (SGICC), Munich, Germany

CEO in DeGong Management Consulting, Shanghai, China

Former Junior Partner in IFAO AG

Project Experience:

- Industrial 4.0 transformation by Electrolux Italy porcia factory

- Industry 4.0 Fabmocap System Application by Miele in german Factory

- Industry 4.0 Fabmocap System Application by MAN Truck in Munich, Germany

- Lean Production Project Valeo Hungarian Factory

- Lean Production Transformation Project by Hunan Husan Sanjia Vehicle Equipment Co., Ltd. In Changsha, China

- Indusrty 4.0 Technology Introduction for Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business(长江商学院) as invited expert in Shenzhen, China

- Indusrty 4.0 Fabmocap System Introduction for Midea Group(美的集团) in Munich

- Indusrty 4.0 Training for Great Wall (长城汽车) in Munich

Company Member